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Advanced Zip Library

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Download Demo

A sample application called "Zip This" has been created using the "Advanced Zip Library" in order to demonstrate some of its abilities. The source code for this sample application is available for those who purchase the "Advanced Zip Library" so you can see how it works. However, for those who have not yet purchased the AZL and would like to see some of the things it can do, or for those who would like to test AZL's ability to open, manipulate, and save ZIP files... you can download the compiled version of "Zip This" here:

Click Here to Download "Zip This" v1.0.1   (756 KB)
Last Updated: February 27, 2008
AZL Version: 1.0.1
Info-ZIP v2.3.2
Info-UNZIP v5.5.2

Click here to enlarge screen shot

* NOTE - "Zip This" is a work in progress and is NOT done. As it changes and is updated, the new versions will be posted here.

* NOTE - "Zip This" requires ZIP32.DLL, UNZIP32.DLL, and MSCOMCTL.OCX (all included in the ZIP file), and the run-time files for Visual Basic 6.0 [SP6]. The VB6 run-time files are included on all versions of Windows since Windows 98. However, if you need to download the VB6 run-time files, you can click here to do so.

Click here to purchase the Advanced Zip Library