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Last Updated: 02/27/2008

Advanced Zip Library

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The "Advanced Zip Library" (or AZL for short) is a set of COM DLL's, VB Modules, VB Classes, VB.NET modules, and compiled .NET assemblies that when added to your project gives you the ability to open, inspect, modify, or create standard ZIP files (which are fully compatible with such popular ZIP tools as WinZip, PKZIP, WinRAR, and StuffIt). AZL gives you the ability to save ZIP archive files to disk, or save them directly to binary data (byte array / data stream). AZL also supports password protection within your ZIP archives to give you archives added security / privacy.

The Advanced Zip Library is a professional grade tool, but does not have the "professional grade price tag" that the other tools have. So if you need to work with zip files and need the job done right... but don't have hundreds of dollars to waste on an zip library, then the Advanced Zip Library is perfect for you!

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Developing software for Windows Vista? Click here for important information
about using the Advanced Zip Library under Vista's new security model:

Windows Vista

.NET Framework v1.1.NET Framework v2.0.NET Framework v3.5


Visual Basic 5.0Visual Basic 6.0Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

REALbasic 2006REALbasic 2007

ActiveXComponent Object Model (COM)

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